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SebaCal™ Hair Growth

SebaCal™ is a revolutionary advanced hair growth product produced using clinically proven formulation.

We have brought together Health, Science and Nature. 

We bring a vast experience in getting Science to directly benefit you. SebaCal™ is the result. Get your crowning glory back and share your story with the rest of the world.

Delivery is FREE within New Zealand. Outside of New Zealand, free delivery for orders over $50. 

Hair growth is not a quick fix. We recommend using our product for at least three months. 

Here are some facts:

Each strand of hair grows in three stages:

Anagen: This is active growth phase of hair lasts between two and eight years.
Catagen: This transition phase takes place when the hair stops growing, which lasts about four to six weeks
Telogen: The resting phase occurs when the hair falls out, which lasts two to three months

The majority of hair follicles on your scalp are in the Anagen phase, while only 5 to 10 percent are in the Telogen phase.

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SebaCal™ Snapshot

SebaCal™ works, using clinically proven formulation

SebaCal™ is safe

SebaCal™ is 100% natural

SebaCal™ is drug free

SebaCal™ contains a proprietary blend of
New Zealand BioMarine Proteins and hair activating complex that helps to stimulate the growth and production of new, stronger hair.

SebaCal™ works to switch on the more youthful genes, within the hair follicle, that slow down and turn off as we get older.